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During my unemployed days, I remember joining many online survey platforms in the hopes of getting paid for surveys but later realized that it was a hassle. Many platforms make you take a survey before the actual paid survey and sometimes it could be days before you qualify for a paid survey. It is frustrating; I know. This is why I will only provide legit platforms that do not take you for a ride. The online survey and review platforms below are easy to join and easy to participate in. Check them out:

Achievement: How would you like to be paid for making good decisions. You rake up points by doing simple things like weighing yourself on the scale, reading health articles or sharing your opinion on health topics. It's a win win if you think about it. You will be getting paid to be healthy. Getting paid to ensure life longevity!!! I was sold at hello!!!! Cash out when you reach the points threshold and spend your $$$$. Click the link below to get started!


Slice The Pie: This is is a website that allows you to review music, commercials and fashion then earn cash! You simply listen to a snippet of music and write a review! Watch a commercial and write a review! Look at pictures of fashion items and write a review! It's really easy and not time consuming plus a great work at home side-job for anyone looking to make some extra spending cash online. You are not required to write long paragraphs at all; just your thoughts on what you have heard or seen. Cash out once you reach $10. Click the link below to get started!


Paid View Point: This is a website where you fill out market research surveys. What I love the most is that you never have to sit through pre-qualification surveys. From your demographics you fill out when you register, surveys are picked for you and sent to you. No need to qualify for it, when a survey is sent to you, it;s yours for the taking. Oh and are no 20 minute to 60 minute surveys. To be honest, the most i have spent on a survey is 5 minutes if that! Cash once you reach $15. Click the link below to get started!


FreeEats: This is a very easy way to earn some cash. You seriously get paid to receive text messages and earn more when you actually register or follow the actions of the text. This is a "pay-you-to-view" mobile phone network. Registered members are paid to respond to surveys and view their clients' advertising and other content on registered mobile devices. You get paid immediately guys, the funds are transferred to your pay-pal the moment you receive a text. At the moment the most you can make per year is $699 with a limit of only two texts per day that you could be receiving. Please know that normal charges apply as to your phone service plan; I have unlimited texting so I have no worries for my minutes being eaten up. Click the link below to get started!



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