Broke & Boujie !!!

I recently uploaded a video with my thoughts on the detrimental culture black people have been plagued with. Growing up it was a fun game we played to spot out the people who were faking their riches. Recently we were graced by the #VisaBae commotion and now that I have run into this video of the men who are so enslaved and stuck in the sunken place, I had to address the topic.

Males (and I choose to call them such because they have not earned the right to be called men) in the Congo Dandies, which is an extremely impoverished area, choose to spend all their money and at times money they don't have on fancy clothing.

Neglecting your family, especially your children is inexcusable in my eyes.

Here all my thoughts in the video below:

After further research, I was devasted when I found out that even the women are adopting this culture. In many cases I just couldn't care less what people chose to do with their lives; it just affects me when children are being neglected or being deprived of a life they deserve.


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