It's official, I have anxiety. No woman wants this kind of anxiety because women do love to shop after all right. I have come to the conclusion that I hate shopping. I mean the task of entering a store and being bombarded by a lot of desirable products is too overwhelming!

I think that's why i find myself buying random things like gold duct tape and newborn diapers (the youngest child I have is 2 years old). I walked into the hair store the other day and walked out with two packs of purple synthetic hair!

I think I managed to turn things around though; watch the following video below and be the judge:

So what's to take from my 'failed' shopping escapades? I know I'm about to sound hella cliche right now but girl; when life gives you lemons <well in my case when you buy lemons> , make lemonade; the sweet lemonade not that bitter crap people pretend to enjoy.


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