Living In The Moment

I found myself setting up a studio in my backyard. I wanted to take some current pictures to mark the start of my health journey and hopefully celebrate at the end of the year at how my body would have transformed. I looked at instagram pictures for inspiration and I couldn't help but notice at how almost all BEFORE pictures were a depressing visual of a depressed individual. The looks ranged from sad to disgust. Every single after picture expressed nothing but happiness and triumph. It was a matter of #sadface vs #smileyface.

I understand that people sometimes do this to dramatically show the amazing difference but for me these pictures did not resonate with me. I refuse to show a picture that depicts a lie. Though yes, I would love my new healthy choices (diet and exercise) to shrink my waist size and make my jiggly bits firmer, I can't say I hate my body. I love my body and my body is not stopping me from enjoying life and experiencing life. I will not show pictures of a sad looking woman who looks like she just has no life in her because she is fat and hates the way she looks.

I now seriously believe in enjoying every phase of your life even when it's not where you want to be. Continue to work on your dreams and goals but don't wait till you achieve these things to enjoy yourself or treat yourself to happiness. Allow yourself to enjoy every phase of your life. It makes the journey worth taking 😉

Below is my before picture. I did the best I could to take a before picture that showed the way I truly feel. I am content with my body, however I still desire a smaller waist. I plan on eating healthy and exercising and I pray that. that will do the trick. Weight Loss is a bonus that will come with my health journey however, it is not what I am focusing on. I have two sons and I want to be there for as long as possible. I don't want my life to be cut short because of diabetes and other health related ailments caused by my lack of discipline. I know what's healthy and what's unhealthy yet for years now, I've been too weak to deny myself the junk. 

7/17/2018 - My before pic.See you in December with the after pic

It's time to stop playing. I turn 30 soon and for some reason I feel terrified. I feel like I need to get myself together because 30 years of my life will be behind me. I have to make sure that the following years are spent experiencing life at my optimum best and I can only do that if my health is in order.


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