Living My Best Life

For a long time I have been holding back (or trying my best to do so). They say as you age you become one with yourself. You become more self assured and your self esteem grows with you. I've many times heard remarks like the way I talk is aggressive, I'm too much sometimes and I'm always loud. Though I claimed not to care and felt just fine the way I am; subconsciously I think my mind began to care.

I would find myself pausing my excitement just to make sure I'm not too loud when i open my mouth. I found myself leaving the room or staying in the shadows incase my tone or choice of words would change the atmosphere. I felt a part of me chipping away as i did this many times that I would choose to be alone because i didn't have the energy to worry about other people's thoughts of me every two seconds I'm with them.

Because I have a bold personality, because my voice is boisterous, because my accent is "thick", I chose to mute every other aspect of myself to make sure I don't end up being too much for them. THEM - people who do not really make a difference in my life but  are important to those around me that I care for.

As I grow older I am starting not to care. I refuse to live MY life holding back from being my true self. Look, not everyone is my cup of tea and I'm finally ok with not being others cups of tea in return. My voice gets louder when I feel excited or passionate about something. My speech comes off as aggressive. So what? I am an African woman who speaks her mind and is great at annunciating her words. Deal with it!

I decided to take a step into my boldness this week. I decided to challenge myself for the week and not mute my dressing / hair / or makeup. I decided to just go with MY flow.

I bought green hair and braided these jumbo braids in! I felt FREE!

I encourage you to live your true self. Living My Best Life doesn't always have to be travelling and living lavishly. To me, living my best life means living life being my true self.

So I have found myself asking myself, how I feel about myself and how things and people around me make ME feel. I only have patience and time for people who accept me as I am.


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