Scent Bird - Kate Spade In Full Bloom

My April scent is everything I expected and more. I have never tried any Kate Spade scents or products so I wasn't sure what exactly to expect but one thing i knew was that I would receive something classy. Another reason I shy away from flowery scents is because I don't want to smell like a teenager. I'm not 17 so no part of me wants to smell like a Lily garden. 

What I love about this scent is that I get to smell feminine and grown at the same time. I smell soft and inviting. I would definitely wear this perfume on a date or just an outing with my husband. It's a scent that will keep him sniffing your neck and kissing your wrists all day.
It's a sensual and alluring scent so be warned, a lot of touching will be involved lol

On the other end of the spectrum I also see myself wearing this scent at a baby shower or wine tasting with my closest friends. It's a scent I see myself keeping in rotation


Scent Bird is obviously sending a message to me lol I received this sample with my perfume. In addition to colognes and perfumes. Scent Bird also has Skincare and Home products. I'm curious to try their scented candles because I love candles but I'm glad I got to try this scrub. love Mangoes and I love Kiwis. This scrub is creamy and offers enough grit for exfoliation. The scent is to die for! It also lingers on so I enjoyed still catching a whiff of tropical goodness randomly throughout the day.

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