Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation - Macao

I finally did it. I spent more than $20 on makeup lol. Seriously the most expensive foundation I aver bought cost me $16.99 and it was not my favorite purchase. After watching countless reviews I decided to buy this $49 foundation. I wanted a non-drying, long lasting foundation that did not oxidize and made a little prayer as I clicked the checkout button.

I used Jackie Aina as my shade guage because she wears the same shade in the one foundation I have sworn by since my makeup journey became serious. I bought Macao and I'm glad I did but now that summer is upon us, I think I will be making another purchase soon. I love that this foundation has a pump because not only does it help me not waste product, it's also sanitary because nothing can contaminate it. I have on so many occasions poured foundation back into the bottle because too much would have poured out #yuck! 

The consistency is perfect for me. it's neither thick nor runny. It is easy to blend out and I used both a brush and a sponge with no problem at all. 

Below I illustrated how my face looked with each layer of foundation. Due to the fact that it's not a matte foundation, I knew it would be build-able and i wouldn't have to deal with flaking. I have dry skin so its very easy to activate the flake situation on my skin. On my bare skin I applied 3 layers of foundation. 
  1. For normal wear (which i always go for because it's the closest thing to my real skin) I would only use one coat. I love that this foundation is very light and felt like skin upon application. It's pretty good coverage to be honest because my skin was pretty evened out after that.
  2. For a full coverage beat face I would go for 2 layers. I could still see my beauty-marks aka moles on my face with one coat so 2 will do the trick for me should i choose to go the extra mile.
  3. This third coat was just for me to test out just how far i can go before I truly start feeling like I have makeup on my face. At this point i could feel the product on my face and it wasn't a good feeling lol. I like to stay as natural as possible and when you start to feel your makeup, you've applied a little too much. At this layer I had achieved total coverage as i couldn't see a trace of any mole or mark.

As you can see below, my face looked just so fresh, supple and not over done. I love this foundation because the shade stays the same all day. For those with oily skin, setting powder would be needed of course but for me and my dry skin, all i need is my #macao and i'm good to go. It looks like my skin but better, waaaaaay better!

As the day progressed i did lose some makeup around my mouth but that's because I'm very sloppy when it comes to eating Sloppy Joe's.

I did experience creasing in my smile lines but this is something i always expect. In this instance i did not set my mouth area because i wanted to test the foundation in its true form without influence from other products. The creasing I experienced is not at all close to what I normally experience with my drugstore make up. What have i done? I've tasted the world of high-end and I don't know if I want to turn back lol

Enjoy this GRWM video linked below using the Nars Naturally Radiant Longwear Foundation:


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