Laura Mercier Transcluscent Powder - Medium Deep

For someone with dry skin, I'm not really interested in powders. I am always looking for a hydrating option and powders take away from that. Powders tend to be heavily pigmented so that brings the problem of having to match my foundation and the powder That's too much work. I only use powders for setting purposes. Usually in areas that I want to reduce or eliminate creasing. After watching many reviews on this translucent powder I had to get it. I wasn't ready to commit so I purchased the mini version of the powder.

I laugh a lot so I always have major smile lines within an hour of wearing foundation, no matter the brand. I obviously needed a good setting powder but i needed it to be light and not interfere with the appearance and of my foundation. This Laura Mercier loose translucent powder gives me just that. I can use it all around my mouth area and still look like i have life left in my skin. I tried using this on my face without makeup and that was a no no. If you have oily skin I think it would be a great powder to use all over your face to control your oils without committing to coverage.

I received a little puff with it and it is so cute and chic! I believe with the large size you have to purchase the poof separately but this mini came with it. I love that my fat fingers can easily fit into the little overlay It's small yes, but also small enough to concentrate on specific areas of your face. It small but not too small. 

Looking at it in the container, it is looks very pigmented. However, it is super fine and once blended it doesn't give as much coverage as you would think, hence it being translucent. I would not recommend using this as an under eye because it dims the brightness. I'm now searching for a good under-eye brightening setting powder that is of similar quality.


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