Lancome Renergie Multi-Action Utra

Whenever I order from Sephora I usually pick scents for my samples. Sephora does give you three samples with each order. I used to pick concealers and foundation but after a few let downs, I decided to stick to scents. The thing is, my skin is n the darker side and as we all know, not many companies cater to dark skin For this reason alone, samples always came a little too light for my complexion. With scents, I would either like them or not and either way, I could still use the sample and decide if it's worth the purchase or not look crazy in these streets.

I decided to grab a skincare sample this time and once I saw the Lancome brand I had to grab it. With all these allergies I've been doing a lot of rubbing of my face so some discoloration has occurred and extra TLC is needed. 

This cream promised to moisturize, firm and correct any darkness I may have. I concentrated on my eye, nose and mouth area for a week and I'm pretty ok with the results. Am i blown away? No. But I did see improvement in 7 days so it did do it's job. My skin is dry around my mouth area and I noticed that under my foundation, my skin was not looking as textured by day 7. Without makeup, I wasn't serving the reverse raccoon-eyes look because the darkness did decrease. 
I do want to note that the change is gradual so it wasn't a drastic change. I of course was observing my skin daily so I noticed the differences.


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