How To Overcome Fear Of The Unknown

I almost didn't go. I almost missed out on a fun day in the sun four-wheeling with friends simply because I was afraid of the possibility of being bitten by a snake. 

I remember being a little girl and being scared of the dark. I hated going to bed because it was dark and all lights had to be turned off. I was very curious and always found ways to watch scary movies with my older sister and brother so the images would haunt me at night. I  would lay there for hours worrying myself sick and making up these elaborate vivid and horrific images in my head till my mind got tired and shut down.

After a while what I noticed about these horror movies, is that all victims would die only after they actually saw the attacker. Think about it, before someone died, they would come face to face with killer...then die. In my little mind I figured out how to no longer be scared of the dark. All I had to do, was keep my eyes shut all night. If I couldn't see the demons, Jasons and Freddys, then they couldn't get me!

But what if?

We spend a lot of times worrying about the future. We are terrified of what could go wrong. I was a pessimist all the way. I am now 50% lol. I no longer spend my time worrying about what could happen should life not go according to my plan. I believe in planning. But the ah ha moment there is that at the end of it all, our plans do not dictate our journeys. It took a long time for me to understand that life will happen regardless. All we can do as people, is be ready. I do my part and take care of all I can and enjoy my days on earth.

Just go for it

If there is something I have learned since leaving my parents' security; it's that no matter how wrong things go, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. A way is always provided. Life keeps going on. The worst thing anyone can do to themselves, is not try at all. go for it. Take the risk. I never used to understand how anyone can take risks and still be careful but I have found my equilibrium. The secret is to not try to be careful. Just be calculated. Finances are a consistent topic to worry about in my household. Until, I have a house fully paid for, and cars and savings I will always feel a bit unsettled. So I take care of bills. Handle all I can and whatever extra I have after everything is taken care of, I play with. I invest in myself. If I don't, who will. So take a chance on yourself.

You might stumble and fall

I've found myself stuck in sticky situations multiple times. I look back now and wish I could have just calmed down a bit during that period. I have no regrets well, maybe a few; but I am very grateful for the lessons I learned through it all. Though difficult, I now spend my time focusing on the lessons to learn than the actual predicament I'm in. At the end of the day, how can I grow, if I never fail. When you stumble, when you fall, get up. Find a way to get up. One thing we should never do is give up on ourselves. There is always a way up and out!

Do not forget your journey

I believe an injustice to yourself is to erase your past from your memory. Remember where you've come from. Not only will this keep you humble and grounded, but it will also stand as a reminder and lesson of what not to or what to do should you get in the same or similar situation. It might also be a great teaching opportunity for anyone following your footsteps.


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