Freya Cosmetics Matte Lipstick - CELEB

I was received an email by Rivi C.J. the founder of Milan Media Group detailing an awesome opportunity to try out a new lipstick. Of course when I read that the company is black-owned I was increasingly intrigued. Ferya Cosmetics offers lipsticks that are matte and at $10.99 on their site. As a lover of lipsticks why would i turn down such an offer. 

The lipstick arrived in compact packaging and that made me like the company without initially trying out the product. It really works my nerves when companies waste so much on packaging. We only have one earth after all! Of course a handwritten note is the perfect touch to a woman's heart, well, this woman at least. The shade I received is CELEB.

I won't lie, I was slightly taken aback by the shade because this is one of those shades that tap dances on the thin line between ashy and fierce. If worn recklessly, and with brown skin like mine, you will be admitted to someone's rehab in a minute lol But on the other hand I am now very comfortable with "nude" shades that aren't really nude for me so I worked my magic! I didn't have to do much, one glide and my lips were thankful.

I like the application of this lipstick. The spatula applicator thingy glides smoothly and the consistency of this lipstick itself is very smooth too. It's not streaky so all I really needed was two coats and I was on my way to turning heads (if only I didn't work from home!)

One thing I will say is if you want to wear this lipstick as a normal wear and not cover of a magazine way, you will need a liner. I used a brown pencil to line my lips and this made the transition seamless and also brought out the plump shape of my lips. Like I said, it's a thin line between looking like you sniff a white powder of choice and runway ready. I think I did a pretty good job at making my lips stand out (in a great way).

In the picture above I wore three layers. I wanted to see how it would hold up. In many cases all you need is two layers to have your lips looking flaky and chapped. For three coats, my lips look delicious and that says a lot. Listen, matte lipsticks are hard to come by; especially those that offer good quality at affordable prices.

I will say that after looking at the shades on the site, Celeb looks a little more pink that it actually is. I am looking forward to pay day because I will be ordering the shades Forever Foxy, Forever Bossy and Forever Feline. Forever Foxy and Forever Feline are their most popular lipsticks.


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