BROADWAY Nail Polish/Lacquer HIGH SHINE Enamel - Queen of Evening

I needed a little pizzazz! As I was looking through all the fun summer shades I ran across this beauty! Though I went into the store looking for a bright nail polish; something to get me into the mood of the season, I had to grab this shimmery silver and bold nail polish. I used two coats to get a more opaque look, but one coat is enough to give you full coverage, To make a bold statement, just layer on the polish!

This shade is called Queen of The Evening and the name speaks for itself. This shade is perfect for a night out and it will go with any outfit. As ong as you keep your hands and fingers moisturized, you will look stunning! Girl don't get caught in the streets with ashy hands paired with this nail polish because that silver will bring all the attention to your hands!

Love it!!!!!


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