The truth is I wondered what a Michael Kors perfume would smell like. Thanks to scentbird I don't have to drive myself insane trying to rationalize the purchase of an expensive perfume that I might not like. The genius of a subscription service like scentbird is that for a fraction of the price, I get to try out multiple scents throughout the year. and for people like me who aren't sure of their scent, this is helpful. If i happen to like a scent, I can simply try something new when the next month rolls around. Of course you can return but I personally find it pointless. Just gift it it is only $14 at the end of the day.

Ok so the Rose Radiant Gold; does it smell radiant? Is it golden? In brief, YES!!!!!!! I'm walking around smelling like a grown and sexy woman ready to be never unnoticed. Everyone has expressed how they love this scent. It retails for $54.05 for 3.4 oz at

As this is my second vile I was not sure how it would be packaged. It was sent in a cardboard material tube and i really though that is very Eco-friendly of them. Instead of creating and sending multiple vile containers that will just lay around and pollute the Earth, their solution is to use a material that can be recycled! My container is re-sable and all i need to do is replace the vile with my new scent for the month!

Use my code to sign up for Scentbird:


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