My First Pregnancy - Ethan

I remember feeling a bit different. I had to be pregnant so I hinted here and there to my Maurice and at this time we were both in between scared and excited. I took the test and remember feeling excited and so thankful. We were staying with his parents at that time so the living arrangement wasn't the most ideal, but we didn't care. We were pregnant. From my end I just remember feeling like all the pieces were falling into place exactly when they should. We kept it a secret for about 12 weeks and at week 14 we officially announced it. I felt my best till we made it public. The morning, noon and night sickness kicked in immediately. The crazy thing is that I was not throwing up, I was not sensitive to scent like many people. I had the worst head aches that seriously felt like death was inching towards me. I would have moments of just laying still in bed and the sweet sound of a bird chirping outside my window would activate all my nerves in my head and cause massive waves of pressure. I hated it. I hated food, I hated everything! I did crave watermelon. I ate so much of it my skin was so clear and the glow was vibrant. 

We moved into our new apartment and instead of preparing for our newborn, we chilled. I would wake up late because i would sleep late watching TV. I would wake up to random sweet notes from the hubby. He enjoyed mocking my OCD by doing things like creating cute messes. How am I to get angry at a sweet note on my bathroom mirror right? I had no choice but to appreciate the token and clean up. 

I enjoyed the last bit of my second trimester and all of the third except the last two weeks which lasted a lifetime! I had a beautiful bump! I marveled at the blessing that was happening inside of me.

My mother-in-law threw us a wonderful baby shower. I was honestly not expecting anyone to throw me one as I have no family or friends near me. My constant worry of doing this mothering thing without my own mother near me was somewhat decreased during that time. I felt surrounded by loving people. I felt supported. 
As my belly grew I found it harder to sleep, walk, and just do basic tasks. I spent most of my time in my robe or his, lounging around and doing absolutely nothing. I would kick my feet up and sip my apple juice in my wine glass. I had a lot of me-time during the day. I spent this time watching TV, reading and playing on social media. I also spent a lot of time researching everything about babies. i wanted to be as prepared as possible. I watched videos of women giving birth, videos on breastfeeding and just other moms sharing their journey. This moved me to start recording my journey so I did create a video collage of all my pregnancy updates that will be included at the end of the post.

Taking walks remained my form of exercise and later became one of my main methods to try and induce labor. I used to crave the morning kicks Ethan would give me daily. As he grew bigger the kicks became more visible though the naked eye. Ethan was due to come on the 9th of February. A week before his due date I remember feeling worried that he was not giving me much movement. I guess he was resting for the main event huh?

Feeling and watching baby movements!
Getting some exercise walking to WalMart

I felt kicks in the middle of the night, I felt pain and I was certain it was time. I counted my minutes of contractions and in between and though i was having them 5 minutes apart, a part of me knew it was not yet time but I was hoping. The contractions were close together but were really short. .We went to the hospital and unfortunately got sent back home. I had not dilated at all and my contractions subsided. Enjoy the clip from our first attempt at birthing Ethan. Till next post on the story of Ethan, have a good one ;)
False alarm hospital shenanigans!

And finally here's the link to all my video pregnancy updates when I was expecting Ethan:


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