KISS gel Fantasy Nails - Ready to wear gel

 In an effort to try something new I decided to grab stiletto nails today. And because I have two little ones I decided to get the medium length nails. For a little under $6 i managed to get a cute mani for the day. Note that I said for the day? lol

Ok here's the thing, I change diapers and do dishes and a whole lot more around the house so these nails were a challenge for me. Despite the challenges look at how pretty they are though!The finish is great and they are not bulky nails. They come with adhesive stickers and also the nail glue. This allows you to get multiple uses out of these nails so don't throw them out till all the glue is gone. 

I do love this look to be honest. It's not a typical everyday look for a stay at home mom and wife who gets her hands dirty every other minute. But when the weekend comes along, how awesome is it to just switch from mom-nails to glam-nails in under a minute? 


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