Happy weight

She called it happy weight. I found that funny and somewhat a lie. Is this happy weight or am  just fat or getting fatter. I mean, I try to be as happy as can be daily so in a way this 'happy weight' comment holds some truth. However, I do my best to be honest and real with myself. This is not happy weight. Yes, I am happy; but that's not why I have picked up a few more pounds. 

A while back  found it very difficult to feel comfortable in my body and happy with my weight. Though I haven't gained 'happy weight', I am now in fact happy with my weight. I could spend each day hating my body and picking at every thing I want or wish to change but what good does that do? Do ireally want to raise my sons with this image of an insecure unhappy mom? Or do I want to engrave in their little minds an image of a strong, self sufficient and happy woman. 

We can make excuses as to why we are gaining or have gained weight and put a fun spin to it like 'happy weight". We could even blame it on pregnancy and breastfeeding. I'm done making excuses. I've come to a point where I am choosing to be happy in my present body while I work for the body I deem desirable - to me. I am done complaining about my stomach, sides and thighs. Shit, I'm fluffy and sexy. I am gorgeous and a force to be reckoned with. I am a complete woman, who is doing her best at living the best life she can. I am done making excuses.

So now I can claim it. I do have happy weight.  


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