Ethan's Labor & Delivery


9lbs 14 oz Ethan made his presence known. Labor was not long however the pain was unbearable. I felt myself losing my mind. Every time one contraction ended another began. I had no rest in-between. I felt a lot of pressure and I remember telling my husband I was going crazy. I wanted to not use medication and I am very proud of myself for going as far as I did without it. Towards the end I gave in and requested something, anything! The nurses advised me it would take a while for the anesthesiologist as there were other mom's before me so in the mean time I received pain medication which intoxicated my brain to a level I cannot explain. As you will see in the video below I was talking Zebras, submarines and all sorts of random foolery lol. I requested the epidural a little too late because before it took its effects on me, it was time to push. About 6 pushes or so, Ethan was out. I did not have to do much, He was coming on his own. To be honest he did most of the work.

It took a few seconds for him to do it but when he did, his cry was boisterous, beautiful, angelic and the sound I had anticipated the most throughout my pregnancy. I looked to my Maurice to confirm he was just fine and I laid my head back and wept. I had never felt that level of joy in my entire life. He was here and he was mine. Able bodied and perfect; God blessed me with a perfect little human to nurture. I held him, nursed him, kissed him and spoke to him. We prayed over his life and he was here! I always tear up when I remember that moment. The moment I realized that I was loved by God. How can it be otherwise?

Enjoy the video as I recap the events that took place during the delivery process! In my next post I will be a recap of Ethan's first year of life.


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