Ethan's First Year

Each month, each day, each moment of everyday since his birth, I have been enraptured by his every breath. Ethan flourished and impressed everyone with his strong build and fast growth. Bath time was my favorite time and his too. I would give him the spa treatment each evening. Soft calming music, bumbles and smiles were a given. A full body massage during lotion and dressing would get him ready for bed without a fail. 

From birth, to crawling to walking: 

Watch the video below to see all the video updates I recorded each month after his delivery where I documented his journey through life. 

The time came for us to celebrate his first birthday. We threw him a little family party at MacDonald's and the highlight was watching him slather his face with the cake. Watching him wanting so badly to catch up with the other big kids just tickled me and reassured me that though he stayed home with me, Ethan would be just fine in social occasions with other kids. Here's his birthday video:

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