Ethan's 2nd Year

One thing that remained constant during the second year of Ethan's journey was outside activities. I took a lot of walks and never without my partner. Being in Alabama guaranteed many warm days and seeing that I was not working, I would walk in the morning and in the evening when the temperature was just right.

One of the highlights for this year was the pool visit! Our neighbor had a gorgeous pool and since I cringe at the idea of public pools, I jumped at the offer. We spent the whole day in that pool. It was a hot summer day. though a little hesitant at first, Ethan fell in love with the water.

He loved already loved water but I believe the new and large body of water worried him a bit. He almost fell asleep in his little float. He loved the waves and bubbles and everything about it.  Something about watching a child experience new things is refreshing and rejuvenating to the soul.

 In addition to swimming and soccer, Ethan accompanied us (his parents lol) to sporting meets. Tennis and softball games were a given each week and of course Ethan was always present!


As the year progressed Ethan started going to daycare. I was blessed enough to land a job there so my desire of still being with my children during their initial years was still being fulfilled. And as in most cases, he fell extremely ill and so did I. We spent most of our time in bed eating fruits for about 2 weeks. His favorite snack after nap-time at daycare was cupcakes.

To make his 2 year milestone, Ethan got his first haircut. He cried, I cried and after all the emotions subsided and the hairs were dusted off, my toddler emerged. Ethan was no longer my baby boy; he was now officially a toddler.

Daddy brought him his first puppy. Though a little apprehensive, he grew to like him.

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