Weaning Is Hard: Breastfeeding Days Are Coming To An End

I am seriously stuck in between a rock and a hard place; and Aiden ain't making it easier. Weaning is proving to be extremely difficult this go around. I breastfed Ethan for 22 months. 2 months shy of 2 years and he decided that he just didn't want to nurse anymore. My mom had her own theories and I must say my science does back her. She believes Ethan self-weaned because he could sense that i was pregnant and that was to make way for the baby and also protect the baby. When she first said this I brushed it off then after some more thought I started leaning to her side. When we breast feed after having the baby we lose a lot of the weight and the belly also shrinks. I read somewhere that the sucking stimulated the uterus to contract so from this I figured hey, mom could be onto something. Anyway, Ethan provided an easy weaning process.

Aiden is teething and fighting every effort I make to wean him. A major part is my fault, I'm just not ready I guess. A apart of me feels like I should also nurse Aiden for the same length of time that I did Ethan. I only have about 2 more months to get to my 22 months record after-all. I want to be fair. I work from home so I don't have the excuse of needing to go to work. 

By this time, at 20 months Ethan had stopped feeding at night. He would nurse as a snack not as a meal. Aiden is the opposite. He seems to want to nurse all the time. Maybe it's because he is teething right now, we never gave him a pacifier so maybe I am his. Maybe I need to be tougher and just stop him cold turkey. I always remind myself that both my boys are being raised using a gentle approach. I rejected the cry-it-out method, we co-sleep and i breastfed my children. I definitely won't change that approach simply because there is push back and a challenge I am struggling at conquering. Weaning is for both of us. He is not ready and I feel terrible trying to force him so I will not! 

For now I am working on stopping night feeds. I'm just going to have to suck it up and drink more coffee in the morning till we get it together, together Aiden and I. I am working on meal prepping more meals for him so that i can easily grab some food every time he is hungry. I can't treat him like his 4 year old brother. They are two individuals who have different needs and who are walking a different path in life. There is no blue print to how babies will respond to anything. This is the game plan for now.   

Till next month


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