We Got Married! - Honoring my Maurice!

 Living with my in-laws, figuring out the kinks of finances and marriage, we were inseparable. I left a few days after to see my sister one last time before she went back home. For about a month I was gone and I spent my days focused on my family ad the night on the phone with him or thinking about him. We would randomly take walks, get dressed and go out when the money was there, and when money was low, we had no trouble getting creative and enjoying each other at home.

In about a month from now I would have been married to my love for 5 years. I could start from 2008 when we initially met on the tennis team at Alabama A&M University but we'll leave that for another day. I was sitting here reminiscing on marriage, our marriage; our relationship. We became one on the 29th of March 2013 and I remember having just a few friends at our ceremony and immediately realizing it's just us now.

My family was in Zimbabwe, his family was in Alabama, I invited a few of my close friends who had become his too and my coach. We had a great time. He sang for me, Coach and Amy cried, the Judge kissed me, we went out to eat and life began. Well, a new life in the sense that it was now official and permanent! We had experienced our relationship long distance so things were about to get really REAL! lol

I'm not here to recant what I have learned or how far we have come and grown but just to express how blessed I feel today and everyday (especially when I'm not mad at him) lol. I remember packing my stuff up in my studio apartment in Kentucky as Maurice drove down to get me. He drove 7 and at times 11 hours multiple times just to visit me. At that time I took it for granted because well, in my mind, we were dating and that's what he should have done so whatever. Now, in retrospect, I realize what an investment he was making in our relationship. This time I was moving to Alabama to do this forever thing with my Maurice!

The excitement, anxiety, fear, joy and suspense of it all gave me such a rush I stayed up all night and was done packing up early morning. We drove together, for what felt like forever; only because he did all the driving and needed nap breaks. I knew the importance of his rest but still felt a bit scared about being at a truck stop. I was awake the whole journey pondering, imagining and fantasizing about our life together.. We had rap battles, ate snacks, bickered and laughed. It was AWESOME!

I watched helplessly as my husband did his all to fend for us. I was unable to work due to immigration and it killed me because times were hard for a minute. Selflessly he did all he could and we (me and the kids)owe the fruits we reap today to him as he sacrificed a lot for us. Life went on and we fell pregnant. We were expecting our little Ethan. Walks to the store were my favorite thing to do and though he hated walking in the summer heat, he did for me! I'm grateful for this man y'all!

Just looking back at the little things he would do for me with or without being asked I am truly grateful. My post today is to honor this man that I have been blessed with. I love you my Maurice!


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