Morphe 3502

Well I'm probably the last person to review this palette since it came out towards the end of 2017 but better late than never right? What I really love is that no matter what combination I tried, every shade somehow worked with each other and it didn't matter whether it was matte of shimmery. We were given 11 shimmery shades and the rest are matte. 

This Palette did not disappoint. I love the availability of matte and shimmer shades. The shimmer shades I have experimented using as highlighter shades and some dark shades as a contour and flattering blushes. My favorite thing to do with chestnut apart from my eyelids is applying it on top of my contour to bring warmth back into my skin. I love it when products provide multi-functionality.

To start with let's just take a moment to reflect on how vivid and vibrant some of these colors are! From the pictures provided, you can see how extremely awesome this palette is for brown skin. Sometimes I have an issue with affordable palettes because they tend to somehow not show up on darker skin tones or just look dull upon application. I used to shy away from bright colors because I feared looking like a faded-clown but with this palette I have gravitated to the brightest shades. As you can see from the swatches and my picture,  Fire is FIRE!

I did notice that when I used my softer brushes  I got no kick back. My cheap brushes that are a little stiffer did make some crumbs form lol (those brushes will soon be gone. I'm still searching for the perfect ones)

If you want to have a made-up look for day to day you can get away with not using a base. When I spray a setting spray on my brush then apply the powders they last all day and with no noticeable difference from the initial application. I did not experience much movement when my eyelid oils started seeping as the day went by. 

I also tried the neutral tones of course for everyday wear. I was a little nervous that some of the darker matte shades would come off with a grayish base but somehow once blended, the color cane together. 


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