3 Mistakes To Avoid When Working From Home

The truth is the best way to succeed requires discipline. The ability to be in control of your work schedule sounds like heaven and it is. Instead of planning your life around your work, you plan your work around your life. Having this much control especially after being conditioned to follow a set schedule could lead you through a dark path that might jeopardize your new found freedom.

I found myself being a bit of a rebel you know; waking up about 15 minutes before work and doing stuff like not eating lunch during lunch hours. I found myself thinking, "I can literally do the bare minimum and get by just fine" and boy was I wrong. As time went on I settled into these bad habits. Okay the eating at random hours is not that bad but I am mostly referring to not having any type of schedule. Sometimes I would hit the snooze button 4 times till I had to jump out of bed a minute before work because hey, my office is in the next room right? Plus no one can tell that i haven't brushed my teeth yet. Well, ever heard 'em say it takes 21 days to form a habit? Well I formed a bad one. Today I am here to help you never make my mistakes and give some tips that will help you succeed at working from home.

1) Starting your day in a panic is not the best way to do it. Working from home doesn't mean you should throw your schedule out of the window. Unless your job requires you to take pictures of you doing nothing of course. I'm guessing you will actually have to work. Your old schedule doesn't work for you anymore as you do not have to factor in your bath, breakfast and drive to work and everything else like dropping kids to school or working out and yoga so adjust your schedule. You still need to eat and bath so go wild and sleep that extra 30 minute drive time you have reclaimed. Just make sure you still wake up and do your usual routine before starting your day. Enjoy your freedom but do  not take it for granted or take advantage of it.
2) Separate home-life and work-life. This will help you retain some sanity. I found myself doing both at the same time and hey I get it, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do but try to separate the two. When you are working focus on just that. When doing your wife, mom and self care duties then focus on just that. I have days I know I will have to work for 30 minutes while the boys have their TV time and it's impossible as a parent to not have your mind on both work and the kids. Your mind keeps racing with thoughts like, Is Ethan opening the front door? Has Aiden found a random thing on the floor and decided to eat it? Am I a terrible mom for letting my kids watch TV while i'm in the next room working?(even for just 30 minutes the mom-guilt will kill you. It kills me still.) What you need to do is make sure to think, plan and execute ahead of time. For example, make sure the kids are settled with their snacks and entertainment for the 30 minutes you have to focus on work. I purchased a visual baby monitor that allows me to actually see them while I'm in the next room to ease my mind and make sure my eyes are still on them as they are solely my responsibility at that time. Embrace that act of multitasking. If you know the dog might bark at certain times and you have to work on the phone, have him go out and play for a while. Just think ahead. These are examples I came up with from experience. When work is over, shut it all off and focus on being present.
3) Work with what you have. Today I still don't have a printer in my home office. For a while I worked on just my laptop before I upgraded to a dual monitor system (which is more effective and efficient for production times by the way) but I did not let this stop me or slow me down. I made things happen with my little $29 dollar desk and laptop. I used my skills and did and gave my best and my operation times actually exceeded workmates with all the fancy gadgets at their disposal. Allow your lack of materials to fuel your desire to work harder and also think outside the box. I realized that the less I had, the more I found out what I was capable of.

The last thing i will add is a to-do list. I started this 2 weeks ago and I am telling you the amount of satisfaction i receive every time i check an item off my list is exhilarating.

I hope this helps

See you soon.


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