Where To Find At Home Employment

So staying on the work from home course, I am here to provide some available positions that you can apply for. To be honest, This is the time where you are sure to find available positions. Holiday season is the busiest time for customer service so many companies hire seasonal agents and for some if you knock their socks off with awesome skills, they will offer you a full time hire or a contract extension. If you are interested in finding out if you are cut out for this kind of job, I would advise hunting for seasonal or temporary jobs, that way you have a short lived commitment; just in case.

If you are uncertain about the difference between contract based and employee based employment, please read my previous post linked here:

Working Solutions
I would be a fool not to start with the company I'm contracted to work for right now. From experience I can confirm that Working Solutions is a wonderful place to work. I already mentioned everything about my current job and training process in somewhat of a review in my last post so read that if you have not. The jobs available right now are indeed phone support Customer Service Jobs. I know three projects that are hiring at the moment so hurry and send your application. The pay is ranging from from $11 - $18 per hour. I was fortunate to land a job that aligns with my passion!

So here is what you do if you are interested in working from home for this company. Just go to https://jobs.workingsolutions.com/ . When applying, be sure to select “Referral – Working Solutions Agent” in the How Did You Hear About Us field. The next field will be where you place my Agent ID which is 047393473. Disclaimer, I get a little cha-ching sent to me if you are hired and successfully complete training. Preparation for the next group of agents will occur between November 28th and 29th. Hurry!

This is a company that provides employee based employment. They currently have seasonal, temporary and fulltime positions available for work at home customer service jobs

This company has many contract based job opportunities. It also has seasonal and full time positions available.


Appen has many various jobs available year round. They offer the most diverse jobs and they can range from rating ads, transcribing info, adding captions and more. Check them out and see if they have anything you would be interested in. They are also contract based employment.

To name some more companies that I know offer jobs but I have no personal experience with, check out Convergys, American Express, Amazon, Apple, Google and also just search the net for jobs. The companies I have listed are 100% legit, I can confirm this. Be aware that some companies are scammers out there. Do your research.

I hope this helps.


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