My First Work From Home Job: Employee Based Hire

I was tired of waking up daily, getting myself and my two sons ready for daycare. I worked there, they were enrolled there. It was tiresome. I was not satisfied with my wages. I wanted more I deserved more. My search was completely driven by money. I was looking for anything that allowed me to work from home and still keep my babies with me. I scoured the internet and started applying to any and every job that fit the description. I applied for transcription jobs, closed captioning jobs and more. I then looked into customer service as I watched more videos on youtube. I finally got a hit; a request for an interview.

I remember being nervous and practicing as I had learned in all my college years. I proudly revised all my accomplishments in college. Being president of what was known as that time to be SIFE - students in free enterprise now known as Enactus. All the wonderful projects we worked on; women empowerment workshops, sustainability projects and so on. I worked on highlighting my strengths and tying it all to this position. I was ready or nah

Turns out, just like everything else I do, I over prepared. I don't regret this and I will always rather be over than underprepared. I was to call in log into a virtual room and when i did i saw 87 attendees. 87! A little shook but maintained composure. A lady got on the mic and pretty much told us what the job was about, what was expected and then started calling on us randomly to ask us questions. I answered 3 questions in total. One yes or no answer which was had i done this kind of work before. And the other two were about my strengths and weaknesses. After everyone took a turn she thanked us and told us we would either receive an email with a job offer or nothing at all. Ok cool.

Two days later, I was offered the job. So many documents were filed online, I had to take my identification docs to a registered notary and have them go to a specific url that I was provided and sign to confirm I was who I was.This was a seasonal job. Towards the holidays many, companies like these hire agents in bulk just to handle the call volume. As the holidays end they do what they call a ramp down where they either offer you a position full time or thank you for your services. Of course I was hired full time, I'm pretty good at what I do. Training was 4 weeks; 2 weeks doing training and 2 weeks nesting which is where you start practicing taking live calls. After successfully completing training, you enter production. 

At that time my laptop was dead so I actually rented one from a company named Best Way. I would go to class each day from 10am - 2pm. In week 2 of training i received my equipment and grateful that my husband was there to set up because the instructions made no sense and I did not want to spend hours on the phone while tech walked me through it. During class we were usually muted and just listening and participating at specific times so i was able to still watch my babies and attend class. Things started to get a little more tricky when I had to start rearranging my homelife according to the times that I was scheduled to be on calls. I was required to have a noise free environment. My husband's schedule was flexible at that time so in the beginning I managed well knowing the boys were being cared for and watched over. 

The first few days were nerve wrecking. You would think not seeing people face to face would ease your nerves but nope. With this company, they stressed how calls needed to be at most 7 minutes long. the moment you hit 7 minutes there would be a supervisor in your ear that only you can hear talking to you and trying to help. I found this very annoying and distracting especially in my first days. The procedure was that if you stumble reach out in chat with your issue and you will get assistance. To me that makes sense. I hated it when I would be in the middle of a sentence and someone keeps repeating put your customer on hold over and over until I did. Give me a damn moment to let the customer know. Then it would be something like, do you need help? did you reach out in chat? why is your call 10 minutes. Ummm maybe because it's christmas and it is taking chat help a little longer than normal to respond to our issues! Maybe because I'm on the phone with an elder lady who needs help navigating her computer. 
The holiday season brings the worst out of people and it sucked having to be the one who received that horrible attitude daily. I loved my job, I just hated some of the procedures. I enjoyed talking to different people daily without having to be in the same room. I loved helping customers receive their packages and fix whatever problem they had. My husband started a new job and I no longer had him at home when i was working. My shifts were during the day. I bought a lot of educational and entertaining Dvd's for the boys to keep them entertained when I was gone for about an hour down stairs. I hated not having my eyes on them. I bought a video monitor that I kept at my desk to help with that. I will be posting a blog on tips and tricks i did to be able to efficiently work at home while having my kids at home. It's not ideal, I would have loved a nanny but I the funds for that were not available so man I did what I had to do.

Customers became angrier as we got closer to Christmas because packages were either backordered, delayed in shipping, lost/stolen in transit ( yea I said it. Stolen because people are just ugly). I had my own personal issues going on. I was having moments in my day where I wasn't hands on with my boys and this made me feel like i was failing at being a mom. I am continents away from my side of the family so I tend to feel blue during the christmas holidays. I soldiered on.

The ramp down came and went and I was offered a full time position. Of course I accepted and continued to work. I started to feel overwhelmed as time went on. The negative side of this job was starting to affect me. I was constantly handling angry callers and this energy eventually made me leave my job.

 Because this job did not allow me to pick my own hours, I found myself having to cancel many hours at times because since I had my kids at home, I could only allow myself to let them play or watch a movie for up to an hour and a half and even then in between calls I would run up and down stairs just to make sure they are safe and catered to.  I tried many times but could not work a full 4 hour shift with the kids at home. This messed up my adherence as well because if no one picked up my hours the shift would count as a cancellation towards me and that's a no no. 

Would I recommend employee hire work from home? Yes. Do it. Check out my previous post that detailed the differences between contract and employee hired jobs. If you have a noise free environment and are willing to work, try it. In my next post I will be highlighting the contract based employment that I am working currently. Spoiler alert: I LOVE IT

If you are interested in working from home. The company I work for has open positions. Just go to . When applying, be sure to select “Referral – Working Solutions Agent” in the How Did You Hear About Us field. The next field will be where you place my Agent ID which is 047393473.


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