GemBlender Review!!

I Supported A Sista And This Is What Happened!

Whether or not you have brown skin, if involved in the makeup world either as a participant or spectator, you have heard of Jackie Aina, Destiny Godley, Jennie Jenkins and Patricia Bright to name a few. Many of these makeup gurus have done awesome collaborative works with major makeup and cosmetic brands and after missing a chance at grabbing one of Jacki's bronze goddess palettes, I vowed to try my best to be more supportive and current with not only their works but the works of all black individuals that I and many consider influencers; no matter the genre.

Destiny Godley has honed in her entrepreneurial side and created an innovative way to apply makeup. This I do believe was sparked by the invention of the silly sponge as (don't quote me, i'm just guessing) She decided to go a mile or seven further and create a product that is soft, durable and beautiful. Makeup is fun, and she made sure that her product stayed within the theme of fun.

She created the GemBlender. A silicone based sponge that's not a sponge at all for it does not absorb any makeup. I was honestly not interested at first because i thought to myself, "girl, iIm good with my beauty blender and real techniques sponges". But wash after wash, I got tired of the annoying process of making sure all the makeup is off and then waiting for it to dry in order to avoid the growth of natu bacteria. I ran to her site and ordered two blenders and though the price made me pee a little, i figured, she's black, it's got great reviews, I believe it will last long and what hubby don't know won't hurt him.

I purchased the Geode in pink and the GemBlender Opal in purple. These were on preorder status but i received mine in less than a week. When you watch her tutorials on how to use these and the flawless looks she creates, it's hard not to want one or all. I wanted to buy complete sets but that amount would have raised some red flags with the man of the house (work smart ladies ;))

Let's mention some things I wasn't pleased with but not deal breakers in the grand scheme of things. These products are handmade so there is no perfection guaranteed. This is a start up and imperfections are to be expected. As you can see from the pics the purple one has minor dents. The only time i would have written her off is if these dents were holes that collected makeup, dirt and germs. The blender is smooth through and through. This is the only con I can think of. I mean well, the cost too. But like I said, this is a start up and self funded project. I could have gone to Dollar Tree and bought a $1 silly sponge but why do that when I at that time had the funds to support her business. I see big things coming her way.

So is it all it's cracked out to be? Yes. From the picture how can you deny its awesomeness. Look the benefits alone are enough for me. These gems will save you money on the long run because unlike regular sponges, these blenders do not absorb any makeup so you use less of it and do not waste any. They are easy to clean and need no dry time. No infectious bacteria to break you out honey. Oh they last a lot longer. I haven't had mine for that long yes I know this, but from years of cracking, tearing and constant replacements, I know I will get longer use as I don't need to do any friction causing cleaning. Just rinse, wipe and go (using your favorite soap or makeup remover / wipes of course)

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