Customer Service Contract Work From Home

After leaving my first job I had a brief moment of unemployment then I randomly decided to send applications one night because I had just watched one of Patricia Bright's videos where she does PR unboxings. I was too broke to buy all the luxury products I wanted. Long story short, I got a temp job with Robert Half as yup you guessed it, Accounts Payable. Ugh, the check was good but again, I was reminded of how much I just don't have passion for this position.

I kept looking while I worked the accounting position and right after I stopped this assignment I landed this job I am working currently. I was hired as an independent contractor customer service agent. The process was different from the job I mentioned in my previous post. Everything from the hiring process, compensation and company atmosphere was very different.

After applying for the job I received an interview offer and i scheduled it. I received an actual call on my phone and it was a one on one conversation. I say conversation because though professional, I felt a sense of equality in her voice. I love talking to people in power that do not express their level of power if you know what I mean. The interview lasted a little over 20 minutes and I waited a week before I received my job offer. There were a lot of e-sign documents and for this company my background check was covered by them. Everything was fast and before I knew it, I was in class.

The format was somewhat the same as my previous job where we are in a virtual room and muted while listening and learning. This company seemed more legitimate to me because they made sure we were paying attention by constantly directly communicating with us. The teachers were so cheerful and happy every day. It did not feel robotic and it felt more like a team. We had homework daily. Training was 2 weeks long and after that we were ready for calls. I loved it.

What I love most is that I can schedule myself at the times I prefer. I still have my babies at home and my minimum hours are 20 weeks. So I can schedule myself at one hour on and one hour off intervals to help me be efficient at work and at being a hands-on mom. I love being able to control my life and actually schedule my work around my personal life.

Now as an independent contractor I have complete responsibility of keeping my tax payments up to date. I knew my accounting degree would forever come in handy. What I also love about this job is that so far we have not been limited on how many hours a week we can work. I usually just schedule my required 20 hours and then as the week goes on I grab extra hours as I have more time to work. I love it. Next year I will have my kids in daycare and I'm ok with that because my desires have been met. I was able to breastfeed both my sons and keep them home and nurture them at home without them being in the care of a daycare (when I worked at the daycare they were there too so I managed to still be hands-on and in control).

If you are interested in working from home. The company I work for has open positions. Just go to . When applying, be sure to select “Referral – Working Solutions Agent” in the How Did You Hear About Us field. The next field will be where you place my Agent ID which is 047393473.


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