White Water Rafting! Yes, I Did!

I remember it being cold. I'm always cold. The sun was out but it was cold. I got a call and in her usual cheery voice she gave me her usual greeting. " Hey, what ya doing?" I immediately knew she was cooking up a plan. We were to go white water rafting by the Cumberland Falls.

I almost hesitated but I knew if it was anything like everytime I'm with her, it was going to be an adventure. Dearest Laura.

I had no idea what exactly to expect. I knew I would get wet at some point. I knew there would be waves and I remember thinking, "will there be alligators in the water?" For some reason I was more comfortable with a crocodile or hippo in the water. With those two, I know what to expect; but gators?! This foreign crocodile, I just hadn't researched or met yet. It's the same feeling I have when hiking; which Laura and I did partake in as well. I would rather have an encounter with a lion, cheetah or hyena for that matter than just run into a bear or a tiger. I don't know these creatures. They are aliens to me. We are from different sides of the pond.

Anyhow, I remember how the warmth of her car ,the big black Tahoe, paired with the comforting sound of conversation sent me to sleep. I woke up and we were there. The three of us, Laura, her colleague and friend Corinne and I were to white water raft. We put on our wet-suits, got acquainted with other adventurous people who signed up for the expedition and took a ride on a yellow school bus to the place where all the rafts were.

I remember thinking, "these look deflatable!". Each group had two professional guides on their water rafts which eased my mind. I wasn't worried about drowning, i can swim. I just wasn't sure about the gators man. I've watched many American movies. As soon as we were on the water, gently going with the flow of the water, all my worries did subside. I remember laughing  lot. Our guide was a hoot!

The scenery was amazing. Calm water, birds chirping and silence at the same time. Being out with nature is awesome but doing it on water adds the oomph to it all. I felt at peace. We stopped at an area where people take a swim. It was gorgeous. Imagine a clearing surrounded by rocks and trees. Water so calm and quiet. It's a shame it was too cold for me to dive in plus; I've watched enough Syfy TV to know that you don't just jump into lakes and random water bodies. We kept on and the fun finally began!

The rapids grew stronger. Adrenaline started rushing. We all grabbed our oars and began to paddle at the command of our guide Water rushing and hitting rocks in it's way. I was so excited and felt like we were at war. We couldn't let the waves take us down. Each person on each raft was an essential member of the team. The water became stronger and stronger and it took all of us to maneuver our way around the bend, curves and dips. I remember feeling warm, this was work! But fun work. Guides from rafts ahead would yell out warnings, and directives to the rafts that followed. At one point we were in front. This was the place to be. Though I get nervous in situations, I always want the front seat. Shoot, if I'm going down I want VIP seats! You always catch me at the front of the roller coaster. Let me see!

At some point I remember being surrounded by water. The waves were high, we were tilted at an angle and rowing with all our might. Surrounded by all that water I had an aha moment. As you can see in the pictures below, the water surrounding me is white. Bingo! WHITE WATER RAFTING!!!!! lol

Moral of the story? Well, allow yourself the opportunity to experience new things. There is growth potential in all you get involved in so why not go for it. It could either be the best decision you make, or a learning experience. Just do it. Another note is that you should surround yourself with people who push you. Yes birds of a feather flock together and like minded people tend to stick together but let's not forget the law of physics that states that opposites attract. I bring this up only to make the point that, when you are with people that have different mindsets, backgrounds and thoughts, you get to experience new tings outside of what your norm is.

Try something new.


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