Sooooo Vegan Journey?

Well, January 2017 I said it loud and proud; "My diet will be plant based by December 2017". Y'all it's July and I just learned how to grill meat. I mean I've cooked on many fires before but since being Americanized and calling it grilling and such, it all feels new. Plus, it's been a task I have mostly seen men do here in the States as opposed to at home where it's mostly us women who are cooking. I feel empowered truly. Though it's a time consuming process, in the sense that I have to actively keep watching the meat as opposed to just baking it in the oven where I can just forget about it and do other things then grab it when done.

Though I'm still a meat-eater, I am glad that I actually have made some progress and moves towards my goal. I have reduced the amount of meat intake. In cases that I always grabbed the ground beef, I now use ground turkey. Unfortunately, I still eat chicken which is the main reason I want to quit meat. Based on finances, that's what's been working for us right now. Y'all I feel like growing all my veggies and fruits because the stores are expensive. I know it's a formulation "the man" has in place where we can't afford the healthy stuff that keeps us out of the doc's office. I no-longer see this as an excuse to eat junk food anymore. After seeing the crazy videos of restaurant associates mistreating the food people order, I have been moved to eat less junk food or eating out in restaurants period.

YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!!!As I'm writing this right now, I've decided to start a garden. I mean I have been having the excuse of "we are renting" but so what. I'm sure there are ways to make portable gardens and stuff. I'M STARTING A GARDEN.

I'm still learning ways to keep my whole family fed and satisfied but without the meat. It's a work in progress and that's why I gave myself a year. I have been reading and studying nutrition. Research is one area I am excellent in but at times it does hinder my progress. It takes time, I'm the kind of person who wants all information before taking a plunge is it's something that will affect my kids. Had it just been me, I'd run the red light but I can't play with their health. I know a plant based diet is what I want for myself and for my boys.

I have the advantage of not having to learn to love plants. I already love ALL my veggies and fruits. I just have to eliminate the meat. The struggle is cutting it out when I still have to prepare it for my husband and kids.

Are you a meat-eater? Do you only eat plants? Tips and advice for me is welcomed


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