It Pays to Be Quiet....Sometimes

I did it! I tried it for a week. I shut my mouth and boy was it hard!! Ok let me not lie; I lasted 2 days. As a woman that wears a lot of hats, I constantly have a million to-do lists running through my mind. As things are flying in and out of my thoughts I tend to speak out loud and blurt out reminders that are received and perceived as barking demands.

What I found out after two days of not reminding my husband to do anything was unexpected and expected simultaneously. A new jumbo box of Huggies diapers and wipes were in the boy's room when I woke up in the morning. This is something I normally remind him to grab at the store when our stock is running low. I change the kids most of the time so I let him know when we are running out and then remind him if they have not been bought by the next day. He gave Case (the puppy) a bath and grabbed more fruits for the refrigerator. I always have to have things like grapes, blueberries, cut up melons and such as an easy snack for Ethan. I work from home so everything stays readily available to make it easy for me to complete all my tasks for each day. This is another thing I constantly remind him. Not this time. On the other side of the spectrum, the trash was still in the kitchen and bathroom.

What did I learn from this? Well, I realized that I don't have to remind my husband all the time about tasks I need him to do. However, if it is something like taking out trash or picking up his clothes from the floor, he just ain't gonna proactively do it. I can trust him to handle business aka the important stuff. Like he says constantly, "Sometimes I should just hush!"

We live in a world of the Family Guy and Simpsons. Have you watched King of the Hill and almost every other show that has a two parent family dynamic? The dad is always a little lazy, forgetful, present yet absent. The mom runs everything. Society has engraved it in our minds that women are the do it all people and the man is just there for income and when needed. Men are useful girls. Don't allow yourself to be overworked because you take it all on yourself. You better let him do his part. Give your mind a rest. The world will still be revolving around the sun even if his gym clothes are on the floor next to the basket instead of in it.

I now have to make it a point to force myself to shut my mouth and trust that the man that I married is still the exact man with all the awesome attributes I married him for. I have to force myself to just pour a good red on a thursday and tune in to ABC and watch my #TGIT shows; Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder....IN THAT ORDER!!! I seriously have to accept and believe that though the trash is still overflowing in my bathroom bin, my Aiden's butt is free of diaper rash because daddy keeps his stash loaded and Ethan ain't gonna run outta snacks anytime soon. Compromise, I think I'm finally getting it.


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