Showing My Legs

This is a bit of a sensitive topic for me. What a way to start a blog right? Like everyone, I am pretty judgmental about how sexy or not sexy some of my body part are. I never cared about my legs until I was teased about them by a certain FOOL my sister was dating at that time. Immediately I looked at myself differently. Considering I was a preteen and starting to know myself, his and her opinions obviously weighed more to me than they should. 'They were teenagers, they were cool and they know everything'. His disdain for how my knees touched when I walked created a complex I have been fighting to dissolve since then. Listen, when you are on the chubby side, things touch. They just do! I wish I looked at it like that then.

As a collegiate tennis player, my legs were always out. This never bothered me as I was a warrior on the court and nothing except a loss could bring me down. I cared not about my appearance. I cared not about who was watching. I was comfortable.

I mentioned college right? So you know a party and more were attended. These were usually at night with a bunch of drunk peers who cared not about my legs and more interested in my behind. it is plump if I do say so myself. I wore my short dresses and wore them well. In the dark, I was comfortable.
I visited the Bahamas at some point in my life. A crazy college student decision I made and I enjoyed every drunk moment of it. The cruise ship was leaving from Fort Lauderdale so that was my first encounter with Florida beaches. I loved it. Because I was at the beach, and with friends I couldn't care less what their thoughts of me were, I was comfortable in my short dress. I was comfortable.

Looking back I am seriously questioning if it's the look of my legs or the extra weight I carried that bothered me. Society dictates these unattainable rules. I guess with age you learn to live and decide for yourself. I hated my legs, but I still exposed them. Whether intoxicated or not, I showed them and not once did anyone comment on their appearance; negative or positive. As long as I was comfortable with my surroundings, I cared not.
With growth, I have realized that no matter your shape or size, you can wear anything. As long as you are comfortable, your insecurities won't consume you.

God made you and He makes no mistakes.


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