My New Veggie Bullet

I told you guys I am serious about my health. I am actively working on fixing my diet. In all honesty. though I love smoothies, I know that I have this mental issue where I still have a need to chew. I have tried doing the smoothie in the morning and as a meal substitution, but I always found myself feeling like something was missing. I always later grab a fruit or whatever snack my hands could reach. Instead of a Nutribullet, I went for the Veggie Bullet.
Today I am detailing my review of this fancy kitchen gadget. Of course as usual, I recorded my unboxing of this machine so check it out and subscribe to my channel. I will also soon be showing all I create using it.
Price: $149.95
What's Included: I received the whole works ok. In addition to the 2 blades that come for the shredding, spiralizing and slicing, I got 3 extra blades. I also got a blender kit and a recipe book. The box was huge, for some reason I expected a small box and a small kitchen tool. Yes i had watched the infomercials but i still expected a compact item.
Functionality (ease of use): The assembly was not difficult. I tend to get overwhelmed when many individual parts are thrown my way but the directions are pretty clear and it doesn't take long to figure it out. It takes a little longer if you choose not to at least glance at the instructions.

Final Thoughts: I have used this veggie bullet, to make salsa, noodles, smoothie bowls and more. I am in love and impressed. This was an investment into my and my family's health and I am proud of myself for it. My 3 year old is eating more veggies now because they appear fun I guess.
Was it worth the purchase? Worth the hype? Will I continue using it or will it end up in the bottom cabinet gathering dust? This gadget it here to stay and will be used till it rusts up and dies lol!


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