My Easy Go To Pasta Recipe

As a child in Zimbabwe in my family like many other families, there was a staple meal. Yes every country in Africa and almost everywhere else has a staple food but today my focus is on staple meals within individual homes; specifically my home, then and now. I grew up eating a lot of Sadza.

Just thinking about it makes me salivate. In a future post I will showcase this wonderful meal but just to give you an idea, it's similar to Fufu, Eba or Garri which is native to many countries in Africa. (i found this pic online by the way)  
In Zimbabwe, Sadza is made from Millie Meal which is finely ground maize/corn and water. You prepare it using the specific instructions from Amai / Mhamha (mother) and pair it with a delicious beef or chicken stew and vibrant greens. It's delicious.

Well, I'm a grown woman now, with my own family and household to care for. I run my kitchen people! I have decided to share with you my famous, yes famous pasta dish that is a guaranteed hit at all times. My son is 3 years old. He is at the stage where he decides whether or not he cares for some of the foods I prepare for him. This dish is a winner all the time. Plus you can make it in bulk and have extra for lunch the next day or dinner 2 days later. Don't judge me. You know leftovers are the bomb!

Of course I have linked a video showing how I prepare my pasta so check that out for a visual.


One thing I will note is that I always eyeball measurements and I grab whatever seasoning I feel like adding at that moment. The point is, I have tried many recipes of different meals and foods online and almost every time, the end result is just not as should be. We all have different stoves and taste-buds. Use your judgement when adding spices and on how long you want to let something simmer.
Enjoy The Video:)


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