Beauty My Way

Internal and external beauty is extremely important to me. They say beauty fades. I don't believe this to be true. I believe beauty lasts forever and beauty is relative too. Beauty fades? So when I start getting wrinkles and no longer have tight skin will I be ugly? I find beauty in all stages of life. I am not on a hunt for a youth serum. Products help slow down the rate at which the signs of aging show on people. I pray I never lose sight of My beauty. I pray I never waste my future years worrying about how old I look.
I've been one of the many that were blessed with acne free skin thus far. However, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I have neglected the self-pampering part of life. Due to the lack of skin care routines, I have made the mistakes of going to bed with makeup on plus not hydrating my skin internally and externally. Still my skin has made it through with only a few blemishes here and there. I'm working on clearing that up.
I need it understood that my focus is not only on makeup. It’s no secret that I love testing out makeup and beauty products. My true passion, is skincare. I love the glow skin gives when conditioned to perfection! I love the supple appearance the skin shows when moisture levels are at an all time peak! Who doesn’t crave the sun-kissed glimmer well greased shoulders, collar bones and legs exude? Show me an individual that hates white teeth and I’ll pray for them. All Things Beauty.
As I embrace and explore my femininity, I pray that my focus remains just that; an inclusion of everything that enhances my feminine side. On the beauty side of this blog, I plan on sharing skin care tips, product reviews, makeup tutorials and reviews. Check out my beauty page for more beauty fun


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