Hiking the Natural Bridge State Resort Park.

In my previous post I mentioned that it's important to surround yourself with people who challenge you, push you, move you, inspire you and motivate you to grow mentally and spiritually . I'm telling you, attending Midway University realigned my stars. Opportunities came knocking and doors were opened. My Accounting professor and advisor became more than just that. A God fearing, kind hearted person she is. Laura took me under her wing and became my mentor, my friend.

She took me home when I had no  'home' to call my own (dorms closed during school breaks and holidays). She took me to church. I felt at home every time I was around her and her family. She gave me advice and actually listened to understand me instead of listening to respond. Cool peoples.

I was a resident advisor (RA) at my college and for the summer I stayed on campus. I was the only student there and usually they make us leave but it so happened that they needed someone that summer to stay as they were holding a number of summer programs. I was also working in the accounting department so it all worked in my favor as I didn't have a home nearby to go to. I didn't have to worry about rent either. Score!

On another random weekend Laura invited me to go hiking. Growing up we used to walk a lot. A lot! Very long distances too but we enjoyed it. My sisters and I would on a daily basis, just go on a walk and we'd let our feet keep moving till they couldn't take it anymore. At one point I remember being lost. Laura picked me up in her big black Tahoe accompanied by her sweet daughter Emma. We were off. I didn't fall asleep in the car this time. The views were beautiful. Kentucky is a beautiful state.

Equipped with my Mountain Dew for energy instead of water for hydration, we took off. My endurance was pretty impressive till we were 75% up the trail. I remember heavy breathing due to talking too much, adrenaline and simply put, out of shape. The higher you go the colder it becomes so i had a good breeze and perfect temperature to go on with the hike. I remember looking up from the base of the bridge and being in awe at how rocks can slowly weather away yet stay strong and solid.

How many years had it taken for this rock formation to naturally be created? How awesome is our God who provides us with wondrous sights?

We finally made it to the peak and my God! The view just forces you to take a moment. These pictures aren't doing the view any justice. The panoramic view from my eyeballs was breathtaking. I encourage you to visit. Of course I had to give my dear friend a scare and also feel the thrill of looking over the edge.

Looking forward to more adventures under the sun


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