Have you met my heart?

Before I had a baby, I did not know how immense a mother's love could be. I had no idea I would ever actually say "I'll do ANYTHING FOR YOU" and actually mean it. The reality that I would readily cause or receive harm in place of another was just a concept I thought cute and romantic but not realistic. I was used to simply living for me. As the third child, I got to get away with being a little extra and selfish. I wasn't the first born, no responsibilities, I wasn't the last, getting all the attention. I was the third of four children. Ever heard of the third child syndrome? Well here I am, a living example lol. Ok I wasn't that bad, i just had a touch of the syndrome. Not in any world or realm did I envision myself taking one for the team. Now I get it.

Ethan: A full 9 lbs 14 oz at birth. Loves to laugh, yell and dance. Watching him enjoy the stories only told in his little mind brings me joy. Hates taking naps, will rather poop in his room than the potty. Will force you to hug him when he makes you upset and wants to always know what you are doing. Always wants his brother in his sight yet will not let him play with any toy. He is one of my perfect puzzle pieces.

I find my mind constantly racing. Always trying to figure out what i can do to ensure my boys live a life of comfort. As with all parents I'm sure, I want to make the lives my children will live less stressful. There are going to be so many obstacles and I know I won't be able to shield them from all. It sucks, yes, but I will damn sure try.

Aiden: A fluffy 8 lbs 1 oz and has a smile that will light up your life. Loves nursing and hates the idea of weaning. Trust me, he reads minds. Loves taking his time with learning how to walk and finds pleasure in using random objects to hit other random objects. Loves playing with the puppy but hates it when the puppy plays with him. Loves hugs but hates kisses unless he is upset then he will disguise his bite-attempts as kisses. He is another one of my perfect puzzle pieces.

Have you ever felt so much love for a person you literally can't stop the tears of joy from streaming down your cheeks? Ever wondered what life would be like without them and everything goes blank? You realize, there is no life without them. The picture returns and you realize it is black and white till images of them bring the color back to your sight.
I'm a mom. I am their mom. God allowed me to nurture these kings and I am beyond grateful. My God.


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