Eyebrows on Fleek to Squiggle Eyebrows?

To set the tone for my site I want to promise you and myself that I will make it a point to try things out before giving them the big red X. Today's trend has taken over every site I know.

Eyebrows will forever be one of the facial features people obsess over. They do help to frame your face after all. I spent most of my late-teen to adult life trying to figure out the perfect eyebrow shape based on my facial structure. Finally, 2017 I could finally confidently do my eyebrows and not feel like my face was used by my 3 year old as his canvas. A few days ago, I was extremely annoyed. A new trend had taken over all media sites; the  squiggle eyebrow. Just today I found out that the matching squiggle lip has been created too.

Image result for squiggle brows

Now before we roll our eyes and keep it pushing, I have to say that I have seen some cute ones. Done right I think these are quite cute; for high school, art, and college. To that list let's add beauty blogger, makeup artist, stay at home mom/wife. Definitely not for a job interview or church. These are not to be worn at an event where this look may be shunned upon.

I must admit that when I saw the squiggle brow my first reaction was a solid NO. However, "don't knock it till you try it"

One of my favorite YouTube vloggers expressed how I feel about this trend spot on. watch her video below:

I will not be trying it on account of being a 29 year old mother of two with two very able to give me a stern talking to African parents. I would love to see your results from trying so please tag me on your pics.

I stand firm on my word. Issa NO for me. Curious to try the squiggle lip next?


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