Dealing With Dark Under-Arms

Before during and after my pregnancy, my armpits kept getting darker and darker. I blamed it on pregnancy and I was right, but as usual there is always a dominant cause other than the one I fixate on. Yes necks, elbows and armpits and at times the whole face gets darker due to pregnancy hormones. However, I did constantly use razors to shave my under arm area.
My journey to choosing epilation as a form of hair removal started with a smelly hair removal cream that I used for about a year. I then upgraded to the cheap razors but after watching videos of women with perfect complexion pits, I became self-conscious and upgraded to the expensive razors. This worked for a while. However, instead of reversing the discoloration, the dark hue has remained unchanged. It's just permanently haunting me each time I lift my hands. I tried waxing, different store bought brands, it hurt too much, i stopped. Yes, i could have gone to the spa, I'm too cheap to pay someone to do something I can; even though I wasn't.
I bought my epilator in 2012. I tried using it but the pain was unbearable so I buried it in my "hand me downs pile". Now, years later, I am back at it.  I've thought of laser treatments but hey, didn't I mention I was cheap.
Epilation Experience:

I hear that with time the pain subsides. In a way you get used to it; become numb to it. I just don't see how. Can you imagine multiple hairs being pulled out off your skin at once? Over and over again? Well, I recorded a session for y'all to see how it goes on my youtube channel. The video below shows you my experience with my epilator for the first time after 4 years. The truth is yes, it hurt, I felt multiple stings. The center hurt the most. I do think the temporary pain is worth it. I am promised about 6-8 weeks of no hair. It's worth it.

Epilator Review:
I bought the Emjoi eMagine Rechargeable Epilator in 2012. I paid over $90 and gladly paid it as I saw it as an investment and it has and is paying off. This Epilator is currently $119.95 on the brand website.
It has 72 tweezers. It is rechargeable. You can use it plugged in or cordless. It comes in two colors, Purple and Red. Clearly it is long-lasting and durable as I have had it for 4 years. I must note that it's hardly used even though I've had it for so long though. There are multiple epilator brands at varying prices and differences in tweezers in the machine.
I recommend investing in this product. In the long run, this Epilator claims to reduce the rate of hair growth and keep your pits hair free for 6-8 weeks.
Overtime I will document whether or not the claims hold true.


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