Bacuri Butter

When I ordered Bacuri Butter, I already had ideas in my mind as to what I would use it for; definitely skin care. Though you can, I did not use this butter in my hair. It's a soft cold pressed butter from Brazil with an earthy scent. It's appearance is brown to very dark brown and man when I tell you it's soft!!!! IT IS SAWFT!!!!!

Bacuri butter is very popular in the north of Brazil and it's cold processed from the seeds. It's main use is as an effective remedy against insect bites and it can be used to reduce the appearance of blemishes and reduce scarring. I know with many women, stretch marks are an issue, I don't mind mine but just fyi, bacuri butter reduces the appearance of stretchmarks over time. 

Bacuri butter has a high absorption rate so it penetrates the
skin quickly and Bacuri oil is a fantastic emollient, which can also be used as a moisturizing agent. It stabilizes collagen and elastin production therefore it is used to treat skin injuries. It is also rich in an essential amino acid which  influence hair follicles and promotes healthy hair, skin and nail growth.

Some uses for Bacuri Butter are as an anti-aging face and body moisturizer, hair masks, healing and softening cuticle cream and as a pain reliever by massaging with the butter. What I love about this butter is that it gives me a natural light tint in the sun. My skin has a beautiful glow and feels extremely soft and moisturized. When I received this butter I thought for sure that it would be too pigmented and leave a layer of brown grease on my skin that would transfer to clothes but that's not the case. One thing to note is that if you plan on wearing light colored clothes, wait till it is absorbed into the skin so that there is no transferring of brown tint to the clothes. If you and I think alike, I know your mind was screaming BRONZER!!!

I love making my own face and body scrubs so I decided to add this butter to my sugar scrub and I really loved the way my skin felt after. In a future post I will detail how I make and use these DIY body scrubs. Today I just had to tell you about my new found love.

For more information on this butter and more butters and oils, visit her site here 


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