Undertones and Foundation Shades

I'm not one of those people who laugh and snicker silently when I notice someone wearing the wrong foundation shade because i understand the struggle. It's not easy matching your skin color to a bottle in a store and make sure that what's inside will be exactly what you desire. There is the issue of undertones, that makeup fanatics keep mentioning and you just don't know what to do and where to start.

Like many people, I went to YouTube to get tips and advise on where to start and what to buy. The thing that got me in trouble is that at that time and it's a problem today with some videos, the picture quality is not true to color. Not every blogger used natural light and this confused me when I went to the actual store to purchase the makeup because i could tell that what was in the bottle could NOT be for me! I ended up doing the following tests i will lay out for you and this help[ed me a lot.
In makeup there are 3 undertones skin falls under. There is the warm, neutral, and cool. I recommend starting out with drugstore foundations when beginning your makeup journey because some brands actually categorize their makeup by undertones. In my YouTube video Tutorial, I used the L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation as an illustration of how undertones play an important role when choosing the shade of your foundation.
How To Find Your Undertones:
  1. If your bank account allows you, go ahead and buy a foundation in your shade range and grab all three undertones. Like I showed in my video, I used The L'Oreal foundation. I grabbed the darkest shade of each undertone so they were all 8's. That mean I had the N8 Cappuccino, C8 Cocoa and W8 Caramel. I knew my shade would be the darkest one but to make sure i had the right undertone, i grabbed all 3 and tested them out. Plus they were on sale.
  2. In my video I talked about the vein test. Looking at your wrist, one can see that the veins have a bit of color in them. At times they will look more blue or green. If your veins have an olive green hue then you probably fall in the warm undertone category and if your tint is more bluish in color, you are of a cool undertone.
  3. There is something you will notice when observing your clothes. If you find yourself owning more burgundy, maroon and yellow/orange colors because they compliment your skin better than the light blues and grays then you have warm undertones. And the opposite for the cool undertones.
  4. I did not mention this one but there is also the White T-shirt test. Put on your whitest shirt and step into the sun. Look in the mirror and your skin will show you a undertone. Remember that a cool undertone will be on the blue side and the warm on the green side.
Do check out my video linked here to see more tests and information on how to find your perfect shade of makeup by knowing your undertones.


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