Ultimate Skin Spa Face Brush | Vanity Planet

After reading my blog post on my straightening brush from Vanity Planet on my natural hair blog, you would think they sponsor me after reading this blog. BUT THEY DON'T.

I just genuinely love to try products that have great reviews and see how they work for me. In this post I am showcasing a face brush. I know what you may be thinking and trust me I've been there too. I was the head cheerleader of the God gave me hands team but listen, just hear me out for a minute.

I ordered the Ultimate Skin Spa face brush from Vanity Planet and as usual, I used a discount code that gave me 75% off. Maybe someday I will have my own codes to offer but for now I scavenge through the multiple YouTube channels and use the codes they provide. #BallingOnABudget It arrived within a week and I had to test it out.

Because I'm a firm believer in seeing exactly how a product is better for me I did my usual first. i washed my face using my hands and used the brush afterwards. In the video below I show you how i was actually leaving makeup on my face and moisturizing thinking that i was clean and makeup free.

About the brush:
The brush comes with three heads; a silicone head, an exfoliating head, and a soft bristle everyday head. It did not come with batteries so you have to buy your own or steal some from the remote downstairs like I did. It has 2 spin levels and the handle is thick and sturdy giving me ease of control.
How I use It:
  • I use the silicone head daily. It's gentle and soft on my skin plus the soothing vibrations from the spin are relaxing.
  • I only use the exfoliating brush once a week and that's usually on Sundays when I give myself some TLC and do my full body grooming. If I feel the need to exfoliate during the week, i use my homemade sugar and coffee scrubs.
  • I use the soft bristle brush every time I wear makeup. After using my micellar water to remove my makeup, i then go in with my brush to thoroughly clean my skin.


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