Here's the deal, when you have two sick babies, a sick husband and you yourself are under the weather, things could get sticky. I made two purchases from two different sites thinking I was making one purchase. I remember waking up with two order confirmation emails and realized, Scentbird and Scentbox are two separate entities. 

That leads me to today's blog. A comparison of the two. In my video I showed a comparison of the sites and showed how scent bird has a seductive approach to their website marketing unlike scentbox. Scentbird has many attractive male and female models plus the pretty pop of pink here and there on their site is very favorable. I love that scentbird has the female and male pages readily from the get go unlike scentbox that has you make a purchase first and after logging in as a current subscriber, you can finally see the male colognes page. What I can give scentbox a big kudos on is that it has customer service contact information on the landing page. There is a direct email and phone number but with Scentbird you have to fill out a contact form where they contact you in a set time-frame.
Scent box has over 700 designer fragrances and their rival offers 450. Scent box is cheaper too. You pay $6.98 for the first purchase and after that it's $13.95. Scentbird on the other hand is $14.95.
Let's talk packaging! 
Scentbird as you will see in my video, arrived in a black packaging and the vile was in a velvet pouch. Scentbox came is a golden packaging somewhat similar to scentbird but was in an actual box instead of a pouch. Now I do see the practicality of the pouch, who really will walk around with a box in their purse right? I do however wish that scent bird packaging would incorporate a box like their counterpart and on the other hand, if scentbox would add a pouch that would be peachy.
Scent bird actually adds a label on the perfume tube  that goes in the sprayer and I wish scentbox would too as it is easy to forget the name of a scent.  What scentbox does is include a receipt with your purchase info and the scent. Scentbird did not send a receipt. I understand we live in a digital world now, but send me my receipt!

Let me add that you and i can both get a free perfume if you subscribe using my link:

Before we get to the scent let me talk about the actual perfumes that I received. As you will see in my video, The scentbox bottle was more elegant and more appealing to the eye. Mind you they aren't different in shape but the scentbird had a ceramic feel to it and the the scent box actually incorporated two textures. There was the glossy ring are that was shiny and smooth and the rest of the container had a smooth finish to it.
Lastly the scent! I loved them both. From scentbird I got Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude which ended up being my everyday scent and from scentbox I received Bvlgari Rose Essentielle which I used more for times I had to do a bit of extra living lol You know, going to church, date night and visiting with friends and family. I believe both perfumes gave me a long lasting scent and I loved them both. 


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