Neutrogena Hydro Boost Foundation - Chestnut

I have found a new love! I have found a new love that I will hold onto for a very long time. #Fenty just came out, I can't promise forever. As you can tell from the pictures, My skin looks flawless. I bought this in Walgreens and it hurt my heart to pay $16.99 plus tax because I'm used to spending under $10 for makeup but I'm so glad I did.  In the store I was a little skeptical because I guess the lighting made it appear to have a bit too much red in it. As you will see in the video linked below, it is not red at all. If anything, it has the perfect level of paleness for me. My shade is Chestnut and sadly it is the darkest shade they have. Cocoa comes in as the next darkest and it is not dark AT ALL.

I now have seen the light. For the first time I haven't had to pore out my foundation out of the bottle and make a mess. It comes with a smooth applicator that is attached to the lid so all i do is unscrew the lid, pull it out and boom, we are in business. This is awesome as it avoids the wasting of product. I can't tell you how much foundation I have wasted throughout the years. In addition to not wasting, you also don't apply too much foundation. The applicator helps you see how much you need as it has some sort of suction as it comes out and just enough is left on it. Then you can keep going till you get the coverage you want.

(What a perfect segway) Let's talk coverage. To be honest I was a little confused. On the bottle they wrote Foundation Tint. This put me in the mindset of thinking it's more like a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. I went on their site and it is in fact a foundation. The awesome thing about it is that you can layer it on. One coat just gives your skin a tint. You get a natural finish and can actually rock the i woke up like this face and get away with it. I wear two layers for a bit more coverage and if i actually want to look like i have makeup on. Even with two layers as seen in these pictures, i still just look polished and natural. It is a light to medium foundation and that's right up my ally. I am still a little nervous about full coverage makeup because for some reason I think it would be heavy on my skin. This Chestnut goodness is super light and perfectly pigmented.

(Another perfect segway...i'm on a roll) What I have noticed is that I normally buy neutral undertone makeup because I don't fit in the other two. I'm not cool and i'm not warm. I wear neutral because it's the closest thing to my skin without making me look crazy!. This foundation has the perfect balance of whatever my skin needs. I have a bit of everything and this formula matches and blends with my skin well. I have a bit of paleness to my skin, i have hints of green, blue and pink in my skin. I am just a out of the box chick i guess. With this makeup I don't have to over or under compensate with powders and concealers. It looks perfect upon application without color correcting and all that beauty bullshit. I can simply apply and go.

It's a perfect foundation for everything. For those that like going to swim or the beach with makeup on; this is it. You can now show up at the pool party and not look like you tried to hard to get Jake to notice you. This foundation has got you covered girl!

Everyone likes the girl next door look. She doesn't try too hard. She is low maintenance and down for whatever. By whatever I mean, either go to the mall or go get dirty in some mud racing in the backwoods somewhere in Alabama. She rocks heels and owns a dope pair of kicks

New Bae

Watch the video below to see this foundation in action:


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