Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Smooth Foundation: 355 Coconut

This foundation is perfect for me as it caters to people with normal to dry skin. I love the 'alive' appearance my skin has once I apply this makeup. For $5.94 at Walmart, this foundation is a steal.  I can't stress enough the importance of buying and using makeup that is created for your skin type. Like I mentioned in my previous post, since I have dry skin, I get very uncomfortable once I use the matte poreless foundation so the best for me is one with a dewy finish as most of them are in fact hydrating.
Now yes it does settle in my smile lines if I do not set my foundation with a powder in areas where my skin usually creases. The consistency is shown in my video linked below. It's a liquid foundation and my shade is 355 coconut. There is one more shade darker than mine and it's 360. Unlike the mattes, there haven't been a new range of darker shades that have been launched yet. Maybe it's in the works; I hope so. That way I can have a summer shade as my skin darkens during that season. It blends ok but I find that I always have to use a blending sponge after I apply my makeup with my brush. This foundation is not really a long-wear foundation. I wear it for about 4 hours and I notice that it starts oxidizing and disintegrating. It somehow starts disappearing or just moving around on my face. I usually get a good 4 hours and after that it's time to retreat to my home if i'm out and about. LOL, ok it's not that dramatic. I just find myself using a powder to touch up my makeup at hour number 4.

Here's a sneak peak of the full video that I linked below:)

Here's the full video:


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