Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Foundation

The weird thing was when i bought it last year in December, The shades jumped from 93 to 95, from Caramel to Coconut. There were no in between shades; not even on their website. A few weeks ago I was browsing the Walmart shelves and I found shade number 94 Classic-coconut. Whaaaaaaaat??!!!! I paid my fee and ran home wishing this would be my perfect winter shade. This way, I would have my go to "matte" makeup that i can count on always.  At $9.94 who would complain?

When I find myself wanting to just experiment and play with makeup, I head over to grab some drug-store makeup. It's cheaper than high-end makeup so I don't feel depressed when i pay for a product and it ends up being a waste of oxygen. I have tried the Maybelline Matte Poreless foundation and I hated it.  I have normal to dry skin and that matte makeup exposed my driest skin ever. My shade for that makeup is 355 coconut and I wear the same shade for the Dewy Finish foundation from Maybelline too.
It wasn't challenging for me to pick my shade for this Dream Velvet foundation as they had coconut on the shades and that was number 95. i had to try it! It wasn't matte it said soft-matte so it had to be different right? So I grabbed it and tried it. I used it on the picture below and my face looked flawless.

The finish was beautiful and the one thing i was hoping for was granted. I did not have a dry looking flaky skin condition happening. I did not feel like I had a layer of paint on my face. I was happy. One thing though, it wasn't exactly my shade. I pull it off easily in the picture and in the summer I know for a fact I will wear this without hesitation as I get darker by staying in the sun. I bought this in winter and at that time my skin was lacking melanin. The shade was a tad too dark for me.
In the picture above I used color 95 and of course I did a bit of contouring to bring the look together. I loved it but i had to make it work. i don't want to have to make it work. i want it to just be right from the jump. Below I used both. I mixed the two together and applied my foundation. And yes, i did contour, I'm addicted! But my point is I have been impressed from the beginning and now that i found 94 i am even happier. Right now I still have my lighter shade skin happening but I've been playing tennis more often so my skin is quite patchy with dark and light areas, That's the reason why i mixed the two but I do know that when winter comes my shade 94 is the one. I actually want to grab 92 caramel and see if i can use that as my highlight color. A whole look using the same foundation. I just love the finish of this makeup that much.

In the picture above I was right in front of window enjoying the cool winter sun in 2016 wearing 95.

In he picture above I was right in front of my neewer ring-light wearing both 94 & 95. Below I was in my bathroom with my basic bathroom lighting wearing 94. 


Watch my video review and application below: 


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